Credit Courses and Programs

We offer General Social Science 300.AA and Science 200.B0 in Continuing Education. These programs lead to a Diploma of College Studies (DCS).

The Springboard to a DCS (DEC) program is designed for students who want to take High School Upgrading courses. CEGEP level courses are also available. You would be interested in this program if you want to:

• Complete High-School level courses required for admission to a CEGEP program
We offer the following High School courses:
Math 201-016-50 (Sec 4 TS/SN)
Math 201-015-50 (Sec 5 TS/SN)
Physical Science 982-003-50 (Sec 4 Science Technology & Environment)
Chemistry 202-001-50 (Sec 5 Chemistry 504)
Physics 203-001-50 (Sec 5 Physics 504)

• Upgrade your academic record to improve chances of admission to a CEGEP program

• Explore CEGEP studies

Please note that a student may stay in this program for a maximum of three semesters and then they must switch to a DCS program.


The University Prerequisites (DEC) program is for students who wish to complete courses specifically required for admission to a university program. Please note that we only offer the following courses in this program:

*please note that not all courses are offered every semester. Please consult the course offerings to find out which courses are offered this semester.

101-901-VA Human Biology
101-HTK-05 General Biology 2
101-NYA-05 General Biology
201-103-VA Calculus 1 – Social Science
201-105-VA Linear Algebra – Social Science
201-203-VA Calculus 2 – Social Science
201-301-VA Advanced Statistics
201-HTH-05 Probability and Statistics
201-NYA-05 Calculus 1 – Science
201-NYB-05 Calculus 2 – Science
201-NYC-05 Linear Algebra – Science
202-HTJ-05 Organic Chemistry 1
202-NYA-05 General Chemistry
202-NYB-05 Chemistry of Solutions
203-NYA-05 Mechanics
203-NYB-05 Electricity and Magnetism
203-NYC-05 Waves, Optics and Modern Physics
350-102-VA Introduction to Psychology
360-300-VA Quantitative Methods

If you need a course that is not on this list, such as Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Using Computers, etc., please apply to the Springboard to a DCS program.


Students are placed in this program when they have been deemed in “poor academic standing” twice at any CEGEP. The purpose is to requalify for admission to a regular DCS program.

Students must stay in the program for the period of two full semesters (summer semesters do not count) and must pass a minimum of four college-level courses.

Students may only be part-time when they are in this program.

A student may take 2-3 courses per semester as long as the following is respected:
• Maximum of 179 course hours per semester OR
• Maximum of 164 course hours if one of the courses is Physical Education
A student may remain for in this program for a maximum of 3 semesters in order to pass their four college-level courses. Students who do not meet this requirement may not be able to continue their studies at Vanier College.

Once a student has requalified, they may switch to a full-time regular DCS program in Continuing Education or they may choose to apply for admission to a day division program via SRAM.

Students may take a wide variety of courses in this program. We do suggest that students take courses that are missing from their previous DCS programs if they are being offered.

If you do not know which courses to take, please see the Academic Advisor before registration.
Tuition fee: $2.00/course hour

The Independent Studies program is for students who do not meet the admission requirements to a program OR for students registering in a credit course without enrolling in a program.

As this is not a program of studies, additional fees are charged to students.

Tuition fee: $5.00/course hour

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