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Tutoring & Academic Success Centre

formerly known as The Learning Centre

Tutoring & Academic Success Centre

Statement Of Purpose

As we take on our new identity as the Tutoring & Academic Success Centre (TASC), we will be updating our mission, vision, and values.

The Learning Centre is committed to providing students with the support necessary for all areas of student achievement, as well as promoting and recognizing success. Our commitments include:

  • Assisting students in developing the skills needed to achieve academic success in an encouraging environment through individual support, as well as through dynamic group exchanges.
  • Providing students with the opportunities and resources to perform as independent learners.
  • Actively promoting and recognizing student achievement.
  • Fostering students’ development within the community and the world by providing them with leadership and communication skills, as well as with numerous enrichment activities and programs that incorporate the multicultural climate and population of the College.