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Student Services

Behaviour Policies

At Vanier College, we want students, faculty and staff to work together in a comfortable and safe environment. Therefore, we ask you to respect the following policies.

Computer Facilities Rules
Respectful Learning and Workplace Environment Policy
No Smoking
Non-Academic Complaint
 Code of Coduct
Student Misconduct in the Classroom

I.T, Computing Resources & Computer Facilities Rules

Only students who present their own currently validated Vanier I.D. card may use these resources.Use is limited to course related assignments and research, as well as College-initiated administrative functions.

I.T. resources must be used in a proper, lawful, non-destructive manner. In particular, the following are forbidden:

  • Breach of security (unauthorized access to computing resources, release of password or other confidential information, and so on)
  • Hacking or harmful access (creating a computer malfunction or interruption of operation, alteration damage, or destruction of data, and so on)
  • Invasion of privacy (reading of files without authorization)
  • Harassment
  • Illegal downloading or copying or installation of software or data

Students who are unclear about what can or can’t be done should seek advice from the supervising Vanier staff member. Students should ensure that their actions will reflect well on Vanier College, their program of study, and themselves.

Additional rules and instructions may be posted in departmental facilities for the operation of equipment and the behaviour expected while using these resources. Inform yourself!

I.T. resources are shared and must be used in an appropriate and responsible manner and must be left in a working state for the next user.

Users must report any computer malfunction or problems with I.T. resources to the supervising Vanier staff member.

Vanier staff monitor the use of I.T. resources and will not tolerate unacceptable, destructive, improper or illegal use.

Failure to use Vanier College Information Technology, Computing Resources and Computer Facilities in an acceptable manner, or to comply with instructions from Vanier staff members may lead to:

  • cancellation of computer account(s);
  • expulsion from Vanier computer facilities;
  • possible loss of College privileges;
  • possibility of further disciplinary action by the College;
  • possibility of referral to legal and law enforcement agencies.

The No Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on Vanier College property. It should be noted that there are NO designated inside or outside smoking areas. All students and staff are requested to cooperate in respecting this policy.

Vanier College Security is mandated to enforce this policy by issuing a $25.00 ticket to offenders. Repeat offenders will face disciplinary action in addition to the fines.

Non-Academic Complaint

When a student wishes to complain about College operations, services or staff, or the behaviour of another student or group of students, the Student Ombudsperson or Director of Student Services should be contacted.

Code of Conduct

This policy covers your behaviour outside the classroom. Offenses include but are not limited to: littering; wilful defacing or destruction of grounds, building facilities; unauthorized use of College facilities; unauthorized removal to Another location of College furnishings or equipment; failure to assure the security of equipment for which one is responsible; endangering the health or safety of any person; smoking is prohibited anywhere on campus; possession or use of dangerous material or weapons; physical or verbal abuse or intimidation of any persons; disruptive, offensive, or irresponsible behaviour; disruptive actions aiming to disturb or obstruct College functions; malicious libel or slander or defamation of character; propagation of hate literature; gambling of any sort for money; possession, use, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages and drugs; Unauthorized advertising, selling or solicitation; failure to comply with the directives of staff members acting in the performance of their duties; failure to properly identify oneself or refusal to produce an Identification Card (I.D.) When requested by a staff member acting in the performance of his or her duties; all other acts judged contrary to College policy or against the rights of the College community.

If you have been found to have acted contrary to College policy or against the rights of the College community one of the following sanctions may be imposed:

  1. A reprimand
  2. Disciplinary contract
  3. Restitution
  4. Fine
  5. Suspension
  6. Expulsion

Vanier’s College Code of Conduct is intended to provide a safe learning environment for our student population. The following behaviours will not be tolerated in any degree on campus:
•Unauthorized Use of Alcohol or Illegal Drugs
•Violence Against Persons or Property
•Possession of Weapons
•Verbal Abuse or Intimidation

Any person suspected or engaging in any of the above infractions will face immediate suspension until a Disciplinary Committee hearing can be convened; this could lead to expulsion from the College.

Student Misconduct In The Classroom

This policy provides guidelines for handling conduct that your teachers may feel is abusive to them or other students or that is generally disruptive to the teaching/learning process in the classroom. If your teacher has already spoken to you or warned you about your behaviour, he/she may report you to his/her Coordinator. If appropriate behaviour is not agreed on at this level, the matter may be reported to the Faculty Dean for disciplinary action.