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Students Bringing Innovation to Vanier

At Vanier, we believe in the power our students have to make change happen!

Do you have an idea for a new service or product? Are you interested in tweaking an existing idea? Do you want to make something better? Does innovation or user-centered design interest you? If you answered yes to any of those questions, consider this…

Vanier LaunchBox is an initiative that gives students the opportunity to pitch ideas to bring about innovation or to join in on existing projects. Students who take part will not only have a chance to win prizes, but may even be funded to bring their idea to life thanks to the Government of Québec that has made $50,000 available this year for student projects.

Before we get Started Though… What is Innovation? Innovation is about creating change in the form of a service, product, or a way of doing things (e.g. a process, a law, etc.) by bringing new ideas to life or transforming existing ideas. Innovation can be social and/or technological in nature and introduces a collective benefit for a group.

How Does it Work?

First, let us know that you are interested in joining LaunchBox (details below).

Students can get involved in projects that fit one of the following three categories:

  1. Projects focused on making Vanier better;
  2. Projects focused on improving the local community;
  3. Projects focused on adding value or solving a problem for a particular industry;

Once you have an idea, you and your team can jump into developing the proposal which asks for teams to consider who risks benefiting from the project, what resources are needed, and what you hope to achieve.

With your proposal written and polished, you and your team are ready to pitch! From here, the successful pitches will be funded so that you have the means to bring your idea to life.

Come Demo Day (in May), teams will be expected to showcase their work to date and will have the chance to win prizes, and possibly receive funding for a second year.

To help you along through the process, we will offer workshops, mentors, and spaces to work in.

Who Can Take Part?

Any current Vanier College student is welcomed to propose or be involved in a project. Work on the project is expected to be team based and involve collaboration.

Do I Need to Have an Idea? What if I don’t?

If you have a project in mind, kudos to you for being ahead of the game! If you don’t have an idea… don’t worry. We will be planning workshops and activities to get you thinking. Besides, you can always ask to join existing projects or have your team take part in one of the SET challenges:

SET Challenges

More information to come.

I Want In! What do I Need to do?

  1. Connect with other students by joining the LaunchBox Facebook Group (optional)
  2. Attend an info session to find out more (optional but helpful)
  3. A completed letter of interest : no deadline
  4. A completed idea proposal & video pitch : October 19th, 2018
  5. Poster Showcase : January/February 2019
  6. Demo your team’s project : May 2019 (date to be determine)

Forms To Submit

Please read the above information carefully before completing these forms:

Meet the Lead Mentors

As a French teacher at Vanier for the past 9 years, I want to help you bring value to our community through our Launchbox program. I have experience as a mentor at the McGill Dobson Cup for the past 4 years helping different startups and not-for-profits to get off the ground. I also have experience in running academic research projects as well as project managing software solutions in a small educational video game studio here in Ville St-Laurent. Let me know what you need and I’d be thrilled to help! MIO or visit me at my office: K-309.

Hi! I have been teaching Sociology and Methodology courses at Vanier for 10 years now. I specialized in topics of Crime and Deviance, Sex and Gender and Family during my studies. I also dance in a jazz/contemporary troupe and teach a contemporary class on my spare time. At Vanier, I have been heavily involved in Women’s Studies, planning events and activities for students, and helped create the LGBTQ student club called Umbrella. I am extremely excited about this new Launch Box initiative and am here to mentor student projects, brainstorm ideas with students and find teachers that can help with certain projects that are out of my expertise. If you have any social/cultural/political issues or social problems you feel strongly about and want to address, come see me! If you believe we can create a project to make Vanier or the larger community better, you are the student we need for this project! MIO or visit me at my office: A-402.

Do you Have Questions? 

Send a MIO to Ashley Rankin or visit her in person in E-302 (Tutoring & Academic Success Centre).

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