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Vanier AI Month every UB in November!

November 7th:

The Internet of things (IoT): concept, applications and real live demo

Presenter: Samad Rostampour

Abstract: The Internet of things (IoT) is comprised of billions of connected devices that use network technology to communicate and interact autonomously with their environment, and it is growing at a breathtaking pace. IoT is not a buzzword anymore as IoT applications are increasingly available in various domains such as manufacturing (i.e., Industry 4.0), healthcare, retail, smart homes, smart cities, etc.

Since different technological designs can be envisioned for a single application, there is a need for practitioners to develop a better understanding of the technological options available on the IoT market and determine which technologies are best suited for their needs.

In this seminar, I will first clarify what is IoT. Then, I will discuss the technological and business requirements of an IoT project. Finally, I will present a real demo of an IoT application – from concept to reality.

Science Week 2019: Save the Date!

Our annual Science Week will take place March 11th to 15th. Events will include science talks from our guest speakers, as well as our Vanier famous, annual Science Coffeehouse. More information coming soon!

Vanier Robotics Takes Home Prizes from Converto 2018

From February 1st through 3rd Vanier College’s Robotics Team competed against 25 other high schools and CEGEPs in the CRC Robotics Competition, CONVERTO 2018. Vanier ended up ranking 6th overall. They also won 2nd place for programming and 2rd place for sportsmanship.  Notably, they also came in 4th place for Kiosk and website.

Vanier Robotics Brings Home Prizes from Loops 2017

On February 16th to 18th, Vanier competed in the CRC Robotics Competition against 27 high schools and Cegeps. Overall, the team ranked 8th and won the following awards: 3rd place for sportsmanship and 2nd place for programming. They were also finalists for kiosk construction and design.

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