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  • Department: Science
Perout, AlenaperoutaFaculty Dean, Arts, Business and Social SciencesA286514.744.7500 x 7570
Afzal, Syed NaseemafzalsComputer ScienceD226514.744.7500 x 7448
Azhar, HanifazharhComputer ScienceD521514.744.7500 x 7760
Benyamina, DjoharabenyamidComputer ScienceK316514.744.7500 x 7747
Bergeron, NicolasbergeronComputer ScienceD222514.744.7500 x 7449
Chebbine, Mohand TaharchebbinmComputer ScienceD228514.744.7500 x 7669
Chirita, CorneliachiritacComputer ScienceD525514.744.7500 x 7470
Computer Science computerscienceComputer Science514.744.7500 x 6006
Drawel, NagatdrawelnComputer ScienceN244514.744.7500 x 7135
Ghaderpanah, SadeghghaderpsComputer ScienceK320514.744.7500 x 7527
James, PerryjamespComputer ScienceD222514.744.7500 x 8228
Lebensold, JulianlebensojComputer ScienceD226514.744.7500 x 7746
Martin, RichardmartinrComputer ScienceD521514.744.7500 x 7850
Paquette, MichelpaquettmComputer ScienceD222514.744.7500 x 7620
Paradis, MélissaparadismComputer ScienceN242514.744.7500 x 7472
Paradis, TanyaparadismComputer ScienceN345514.744.7500 x 7472
Pilat, FlorinpilatfComputer ScienceD525514.744.7500 x 7320
Rabah, SleimanrabahsComputer ScienceK316514.744.7500 x 8334
Raphael, RonaldraphaelrComputer ScienceN245514.744.7500 x 7895
Rostam Pour, SamadrostampsComputer ScienceK305514.744.7500 x 7229
Wang, YiwangyComputer ScienceD224514.744.7500 x 7450
Computer Science and Math514.744.7500 x 6007
Computer Science & Mathematics csmComputer Science and Math514.744.7500 x 6007
Banerjee, MeghnabanerjemEconomics & Political ScienceA414On Leave
Hillel, IvankahilleliFaculty of Arts, Business and Social SciencesA286514.744.7500 x 7571
Soukiassian, NorasoukiasnAssistant to Faculty Dean, Faculty of Arts, Business and Social SciencesA286A514.744.7500 x 7572
Faculty of Science & TechnologyFax: 514.744.7579
Cicci, CynthiaciccicFaculty of Science & TechnologyN301514.744.7500 x 7580
Paronyan, ErmineparonyaeFaculty of Science & TechnologyN301514.744.7500 x 7554
Honours Science514.744.7500 x 6026
Farias De Lima, JailsonlimajHonours ScienceA535514.744.7500 x 7870
Honours Science honours-scienceHonours Science514.744.7500 x 6026
Robotics, Mathematics & Science Ctr Robotics514.744.7500 x 7748
Harilal, GaneshharilalgPolitical ScienceN327On Leave
Karaboghossian, ArakarabogaPolitical ScienceN327514.744.7500 x 7233
Philippas, AngelophilippaPolitical ScienceA412514.744.7500 x 7787
Science514.744.7500 x 6024
French and English Science scienceScience514.744.7500 x 6024
Laroche, KarllarochekScienceA430514.744.7500 x 7865
Science/Science Majors scienceScience514.744.7500 x 6024
Cooperberg, ElanacooperbeScience & TechnologyN301514.744.7500 x 7555
Sendbuehler, MichaelsendbuemFaculty Dean, Science & TechnologyN301On Leave
Social & Cultural Sciences514.744.7500 x 6043
Brodeur, RosemariebrodeurrSocial & Cultural SciencesK307514.744.7500 x 7183
Grabowiecki, Marie-SophiagrabowimSocial & Cultural SciencesN517D514.744.7500 x 7440
Lortie, Marie JessicalortiemSocial & Cultural SciencesN545514.744.7500 x 7298
Mansour, MyriammansourmSustainability MajorA303514.744.7500 x 7329
Messier, LaurencemessierlSocial & Cultural SciencesN545On Leave
French & English Soc. Science french-socialscienceSocial Science514.744.7500 x 6033
Honours Social Science Social Science514.744.7500 x 6033
Social Science socialscienceSocial Science514.744.7500 x 6042
De Iaco, GinadeiacogSocial Science MajorsA410514.744.7500 x 7278
Social Science Majors socialsciencemajorsSocial Science Majors514.744.7500 x 6044

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