Nigel Archibald B.A.

Nigel has been teaching in the Special Care Counselling department since 2010.

In addition to teaching, Nigel runs programs in local schools within the Lester B. Pearson School Board for children who benefit from individualized support and group-work activities.

Before teaching at Vanier, Nigel worked as part of the Family and School Support and Treatment Team (FSSTT), supporting children who have socio- emotional and/or behavioural challenges and their families. He worked for many years as a behaviour technician and more recently as a member of the FSSTT’s administrative team where he provided support for behaviour technicians in various schools in the Lester B. Pearson School Board.

In the summer of 2009, Nigel served as the coordinator of the first FSSTT summer camp. This camp catered to children with socio-emotional and/or behavioural challenges and was notably at no cost to the families.

He is also a member of the Quebec Board of Black Educators (QBBE) and has spent the last four summers teaching mathematics to children of primary school ages.

Nigel currently enjoys teaching the first year communications courses in the Special Care Counselling department.

Rita Bonar, M.S.W, Ph.D.

Throughout her teaching career at Vanier, Rita continues to maintain close partnerships with various community organizations. She is actively involved on the Board of Directors of Alzheimer Society of Montreal and the CSSS Cavendish.

Her most recent collaborative research project is published in the Revue québécoisé de psychologie (December 2011).

Currently she is involved with various professionals in developing a Dementia-Care Certification program for caregivers and healthcare providers.

Her extensive clinical experiences of the past 30 years range from working with children to older adults who experience adjustment difficulties and mental health issues.

Susan Campbell B.A., M.A.

Susan has been a full time faculty member since 2002.

In addition to teaching full time, she works as a private consultant in preschools, daycares and homes assessing needs of young children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities.

Prior to working at Vanier Susan worked in Montreal area schools as well as speech and language pathology clinics as an educator and teacher.

Susan continues to enjoy teaching first year SCC students in the developmental disabilities class.

Rick Carpanzano B.A.

Rick has been a member of the SCC faculty since 2004. Most recently Rick has served as a fieldwork student coordinator for Batshaw Youth & Family services’, pre-adolescent division. Rick has also taught and supervised fieldwork students in the Youth & Adult Correctional Intervention program at John Abbott College.

While pursuing his studies at the graduate level, Rick was able to explore his interest in families and presented at several Child & Youth Care conferences on the topic of Inclusion and Parent Support Strategies.

Rick is a graduate of Vanier’s Special Care Counselling program and for over 26 years, he has worked with Children and Youth at Risk, for Batshaw and Youth Horizons in Residential campus programs and group homes. In that time he has worked with children and their families in such areas as home integration, providing after care support, school reinsertion, crisis intervention, and therapeutic recreation.

Janice Clarini: CCW (Cert), B.A., M.A., Graduate Certificate in the Field of Addiction

Janice has taught in the SCC Department since 1990. She has worked with youth in difficulty in Ontario and Quebec both in residential care, group homes and in private practice. She has developed and implemented drug information sessions for youth in elementary and high schools as well as in residential care.

Joanne Douranou M.Ed

Joanne is a graduate of Special Care Counselling and in 2004 joined the department as a full time faculty member. She has been a special education teacher and educational consultant since graduating from Mc Gill University.

Joanne has experience consulting and offers training workshops for fellow teachers, educators and parents in a variety of organizations. She also works privately with children who have behaviour/academic and social issues and with school staff and parents towards suitable in-school and at-home interventions.

Katia Giannikakis B.Sc., M.Ed

Katia has been a faculty member since 2005. She received her training at the Université de Montréal and holds a B.Sc in Psychoéducation and a Master’s Degree in Psychopédagogie. Katia is an active member of the Order of Psychoeducators of Québec.

Katia has presented seminars on learning disabilities and in 2010 presented at the Learning Disabilities Association of Québec’s annual conference.

Katia has worked as a special care counsellor and as a psychoeducator in a hospital, a CSSS and in elementary and high schools. Much of her career has focused on working with children and adolescents who have behavioural issues and learning disabilities.

Susan Layne B.S.W., M.S.W.

Susan Layne is one of the newest members of our faculty, and joined the SCC teaching staff in August 2011.

She most recently was an Administrator at a Private High School in Montreal. She has also worked in the area of Youth Protection. Overall, she has 11 years of clinical experience servicing parents and youth dealing with such life-cycle issues as separation and divorce, adoption, substance abuse and school-related issues.

She has worked with a diverse client population in terms of culture, social and ethnic background. She is a strong proponent of focusing on the strengths of the family system, whatever its composition.

Colleen Leonard, B.Ed

Colleen has been working with special need populations for over twenty years. She began working as an integration aid in both educational and social settings.

After working as an oral interpreter for Cegep Vieux Montreal, she coordinated services for hearing impaired students at the PSBGM.

She began teaching in 1999 and has worked as a resource teacher as well as a special education teacher, specializing in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) with non-verbal students with multiple disabilities.

Brian McGirr, M.S.W.

Brian has been a faculty member since 2007. He holds a Master’s degree in clinical social work, specializing in individual, family, and group work.

Brian’s area of interest is working with children and adolescents with psychiatric disturbances, particularly in the areas of anxiety, eating disorders, and behavioural disturbances.

Brian has worked as a social worker and program manager in residential services at Batshaw Youth and Family Centers for 23 years. Brian has worked in the field of developmental delays as an educator at the Miriam home for 7 years and as a social worker at Summit school for 2 years.

Dayna Morrow B.A., M.Ed

Alumni of the Special Care Counselling program at Vanier College, Dayna furthered her academic career at Concordia University with a BA in Therapeutic Recreation (TRS), followed by a Master’s from the department of education and counselling psychology at McGill specializing in Family Life Education (FLE).

Prior to her teaching career, Dayna worked in long term care, day center programs for older adults, palliative care and for more than 10 years as a Coordinator with the Alzheimer Society of Montreal.

She continues to do private consultation and practice with families and those living with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. She has presented at National and International conferences and remains a strong advocate and educator in the field of gerontology.

Karen Mowbray B.A., M.Ed

Subsequent to completing on undergraduate degree in psychology and an M. Ed. in Counselling Psychology ( McGill University) Karen specialized in school counselling and consulting.

With more than 20 years of teaching experience at Vanier College, Karen’s special interests lie in the areas of interpersonal communication, cultural diversity, wellness, and mental health.

Karen is an avid tennis player, and ice hockey player.

Gaby Patulli B.A., M.Ed

Gaby has been part of the faculty in SCC since 2001. She came to the department as a graduate from the program who went on to pursue further studies getting her Bachelors in Early Childhood Education and her Masters in educational and counselling psychology.

Earlier in her career she was director of an integrated daycare and also conducted workshops on the benefits of inclusion at the primary levels of education. More recently she has done contractual work with adolescents of aboriginal origin.

Josée Roy B.A.,M.A Sexology

Josée has been a full time faculty teacher since 1997. In addition to teaching full time she works as a private consultant for individuals presenting ASD or an intellectual impairment, developing programs to address needs in the area of sexuality.

Josée also speaks at conferences to parents and professionals on the sexuality of individuals with a developmental disability.

Prior to working at Vanier, Josée worked in a school for children on the autism spectrum.


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