Special Care Counselling is a three (3) year career program in the helping field. The SCC program provides students with the opportunity to learn and work with people who have physical, cognitive, intellectual, neurological, emotional and behavioural needs throughout the life-span.

Special Care Counsellors are compassionate, creative, sensitive, patient, dedicated and observant individuals who have a strong passion for helping others.

The Special Care Counselling program provides 3 separate supervised fieldwork placements which provide students the experience to put into practice the skills they learned in course work.

YES! Graduates applying to university should consult with an Academic Advisor to know the prerequisites of the program to which they wish to apply. Some universities offer SCC graduates advanced standing in specific university programs.

Students are trained to assess needs and to develop, implement and evaluate goal- directed clinical interventions designed to enhance a person’s quality of life.

A letter of intent is a required component of your application to SCC, where you are to describe personal skills and life experiences that will help you succeed in the program.

Yes! The placement rate for graduates of this program is virtually 100%. Starting salaries range up to $34,000 a year as a full time employee.

Graduates may work in the following settings:

Rehabilitation Centres, Elementary and High Schools, Alternative Schools, Preschools, Residences for Older Adults, Residential Centres, Shelters, Group Homes, Drop-in Centres, Reverse Integration schools, Specialized Schools, Hospitals, Community Centres, Workshops & Day centres.

Applications for SCC must be submitted by March 1, in order to be considered for the following fall academic year. The SCC Department does not accept January admissions.

Your course load would be lighter as you would not have any general education classes to take; you would only take SCC courses. Unfortunately, we do not offer a ‘fast tracking grid’; it will take 3 years to complete all SCC courses.

SCC courses are only offered in the day time and during the regular semester (we do not offer summer or inter-session SCC courses).


To ensure optimal learning all fieldwork placements must be new environments for students (i.e. students will not complete their fieldwork in their former schools, volunteer placements or where they have worked).

No, however being multi lingual can be an asset.

In November we are available to answer questions at the Open House hosted by Vanier College. At the open house you can sign up for our Student for a day initiative.

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