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Safety & Security Services


Vanier College Security Services is committed to providing a safe and secure College environment in keeping with the Mission Statement of this College.

Vanier College Security Services:

  • Operates an operation center located in F-230-231 which can be contacted by telephone 24/7. (Local 7575). The operation center provides the community with a central communication point to report any problems or emergencies on campus.
  • Conducts preventive security patrols in all buildings and grounds of the college.
  • Monitors the alarm systems of the college
  • Monitors the extensive video-surveillance system of the college
  • Provides security services for special events such as:
    • Special college or faculty events that may require VIP security
    • Special events that may require crowd control or traffic control.
    • After hour events
    • Events serving alcoholic beverages
  • Investigates any illegal activities that may occur on campus
  • Liaises with the municipal, provincial and federal law enforcement agencies
  • Manages the lost and found service
  • Consults and advises the community on matters related to security and safety
  • Enforces College policies and applicable regulations, laws and codes.

Parking Service responsibilities:

  • Enforces parking regulations
  • Distributes and controls parking decals distribution.
  • Oversees and controls on campus traffic
  • Maintains Security patrols of the parking area

Fire Prevention responsibilities:

  • Responds to all fire emergencies on campus
  • Follow up reports and investigations leading to recommendations to increase fire safety
  • Inspections to ensure fire safety regulations are followed
  • Assistance in the planning and preparation of events that may present a fire hazard

Health & Safety responsibilities:

  • Inspects Health & Safety issues on campus
  • Makes recommendations to improve H&S on campus, and involving college activities
  • Provides safety guidelines to the community
  • Keep records of hazardous material on campus
  • Responds to any incident involving hazardous material (Spills, first aid, etc.)