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Safety & Security Services

Parking and Traffic Regulations

Safety & Security Services reserves the right to modify parking and traffic regulations as needed, to change the allocation of parking spaces when necessary, and to make exceptions if appropriate. Safety & Security Services may restrict, limit or requisition a parking area for special events, safety reasons, repairs or other situations where it is deemed necessary.

In the event of a discrepancy between the regulations posted on Safety & Security Services website and regulations posted anywhere else, the former shall prevail.

Section 1 – Definitions

“Campus Road” – areas designated for circulation of motor vehicles

“College” – Vanier College

“Daily Parking” – Parking lot designated as P7 for hourly and daily parking permits purchase at the ticket machine.

“Parked”– A vehicle is considered parked if :

  • A vehicle is stopped while occupying a parking place, regardless if the vehicle is attended or unattended
  • A vehicle is stopped and unattended on a campus road
  • A vehicle is stopped in excess of 5 minutes on a campus road, even if the vehicle is attended

“Parking Lot” – One of the 7 designated parking areas numbered P1 to P7.

“Parking space” – Part of a parking lot that is designated for parking vehicles. The parking spaces are delimited by yellow lines on each side.

“Standing” – An attended vehicle that is temporarily stopped for the purpose and while loading or unloading passengers or merchandise.-

“Visitor parking” – designated area of the parking lot with a limited number of parking spaces reserved for visitors to the college. Payment for parking at these location is hourly.

Section 2 – Roles and Responsibility

The manager of Safety & Security Services, or his delegate, is responsible for the management parking and all related services.

The college is responsible for fixing fees for the parking on a yearly basis.

The contracting agency is responsible for the enforcement of parking regulations put in place by the College.

Section 3- Traffic Regulations

Dangerous Driving

  • Any vehicle which is driven at a speed or manner that is endangering the life and/or safety of person or property is strictly prohibited.

Obligation of vehicle operator

  • without limiting the scope of the parking regulations or the “Highway Safety Code” which regulates traffic, any person who is driving on Campus must:
    • Comply with road signs that are present on campus
    • Respect the speed limit of 15KM/H on campus roads
    • Give priority to pedestrians; and
    • Comply with any traffic orders given by a Safety & Security personnel regardless of posted road signs
  • The responsibility for finding an appropriate parking space rests with the driver. the lack of space in or at a particular parking area is not an excuse for violating parking regulations. Vehicles found in violation of parking regulation may receive a parking notice or get towed

Obligations of pedestrian

  • All pedestrians must conform to the “Highway Safety Code” regulations that applies to pedestrians

Section 4 – Parking Regulations

4.1 Issuance and revocation of permit

Safety & Security Services is solely authorized to issue permits which allows parking on Campus. The authority to issue parking permits may be delegated to other departments to meet with special needs of some clients. Anyone issuing permits must follow the same guidelines as determined by Safety & Security Services.

Safety & Security Services reserves the right to deny parking privilege and/or to revoke privileges from any users to circulate or park a vehicle on Campus, if that person does not comply with parking and traffic regulations.

Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. The parking permit provides access privileges for permit holders to reserved parking lots only. The parking permit does not in any case provide a right to park on campus. The parking permit remains the property of Vanier College.

4.2 – Parking Lots

Parking lots on campus are designated as follows:

  • P1 : North of H Building. Parking reserved for parking permit “H”.
  • P2: West of the E Building. Parking reserved for parking permit “E”.
  • P3: North of the A Building, South of the G building. Parking reserved for permits “NC”, “SM” and “SU”
  • P4: East of the B building. Parking reserved for permits “NC”, “SM” and “SU”
  • P5: Reserved area of the parking east of the N building. Parking reserved for permits “NC”, “SM” and “H”
  • P6: West of the G Building. Parking reserved for permits “NC”, “SM”, “H”, “E”, “CT”, “SU” and “AT”
  • P7: North-West of G Building. Parking reserved for daily pay-and-display parking and as an overflow for any parking permit holders

4.3 – Visitor parking

  • H Building: East of the building, hourly parking only.
  • N Building: Designated area east of the building, hourly parking only.

4.4 Parking reserved for motorcycles and scooters

  • The College has created one area to provide parking for motorcycles and scooters. It is the only area where these vehicles are allowed to park. The area is located between the H and B Building.

4.5 Periods of validity

  • Semester parking permits are valid for the following periods:
    • Fall Semester: 15th of August to the 31st of December
    • Winter Semester: 1st of January to the 30th of June
    • Summer Semester: 1st of June to the 31st of August
  • annual parking permit are valid from the time of purchase until the 31st of august of the following year.

4.6 Application for a permit

Any employee who applies for an annual or semester permit must fill out the required form online. The employee must use his email login in order to confirm the identity of the requester.

Students who are eligible to purchase parking permits will need to complete a form available at Safety & Security Services office.

To receive a parking permit, a person may be asked to provide a valid Vanier ID and vehicle registration documents. A proof of payment will be required.

4.7 Changes in vehicles or additional vehicle

The holder of a permit may change or extend the use of his permit to other vehicles that are registered in the permit holders name. The maximum number of vehicles for a single permit is 4.

The request must be made in writing by email to Safety & Security Services.

No more than one permit will be issued for each permit holder, regardless of the number of vehicles registered. The permit gives the right to park only one vehicle at a time on campus. The permit must be displayed on the rear-view mirror of the vehicle parked on campus.

4.8 Display of the parking permit or pay-and-display ticket

The parking permit must be displayed on the interior rear-view mirror of the vehicle that is parked on campus. In case where the rear-view mirror of the vehicle cannot accommodate the parking permit, the parking permit must be displayed on the dashboard on the driver side of the vehicle. At all times, the parking permit and its information must be clearly and fully visible from the outside of the vehicle.

A pay-and-display ticket must always be displayed on the dashboard on the driver side of the vehicle. The ticket and its information must be clearly and fully visible from the outside of the vehicle.

4.9 Reimbursement

The College may reimburse part of the price which corresponds to a predertermined rate depending on the month on which the parking permit is returned. The holder of the permit must come in person to Safety & Security Services office and give back the parking permit.

4.10 Lost or Stolen parking permit

A lost or stolen parking permit may be replaced for a fee. The holder of a permit that was stolen or lost must go in person to Safety & Security Office and fill a theft/loss report form and pay the associated fees before the a new permit can be issued.

4.11 Non-transferable parking permit

The holder of a parking permit does not have the right to transfer it to anyone or use it on any other vehicle which is not registered on the permit. Vehicles can be temporarily registered in case of courtesy vehicle or temporary rental upon communicating with Safety & Security Services.

4.12 Bicycle Parking

Parking bicycles is permitted in areas specifically designated by the presence of a rack designed for the parking of bicycles. No person shall park, store or leave a bicycle in such a manner as to block normal entrance or exit for any building or as to interfere with the normal movement of disabled persons. No bicycle shall be chained or otherwise locked to a handrail, tree, shrub, door, sign post, lamp, telephone pole, fence or other objects not designated for the purpose of securing a bicycle.

4.13 Overnight Parking

All parking lots are close between 23:00 and 06:00. Parking during that period is not permitted without prior authorization  from Safety & Security Services.

Winter parking restrictions are in effect between the 1st of November and the 31st of March. overnight parking is strictly prohibited during that period in order to facilitate snow removal operations. The winter parking restrictions can be extended at the sole discretion of Safety & Security services following a simple notice to the community.

5 – Parking and Traffic Infractions

An infraction notice will be issued for any vehicle that is found:

  • Using a pay-and-display ticket that is expired
  • Using a pay-and-display ticket that is not fully and clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle on the dashboard on the driver side
  • Standing on Campus roads in excess of 5 minutes
  • Parking in such a way to block access to 2 or more parking spaces
  • Using a permit for a vehicle that is not registered with Safety & Security Services
  • Parking in a zone that does not correspond with issued permit
  • Parking in a visitor zone without a corresponding pay-and-display ticket
  • Parking overnight without prior authorization
  • Parking in a pay-and-display parking lot without a valid ticket or permit

An infraction notice, and the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense, for any vehicle that is found:

  • Parking in a handicap space without a valid handicap parking permit
  • Parking in an unauthorized reserved space
  • Parking without a valid permit
  • Parking in such a away that hinders traffic, obstructs a building entrance or presents a safety hazard
  • Parking outside of designated parking spaces
  • Parking in a permit reserved area without a valid permit
  • Parking in a delivery zone
  • Parking on campus roads

Upon receiving a third parking infraction after a vehicle has 2 or more unpaid infractions accumulated will result in the vehicle being towed.

Some infractions will lead to more severe consequences such as disciplinary actions in addition to the issuance of parking infractions and towing of vehicle. Such infractions includes but not limited to:

  • Using a fraudulent parking permit or pay-and-display ticket
  • Using a parking permit that is reported lost or stolen
  • Having a high number of parking infractions showing blatant disregard to parking and traffic regulations

 6. Accidents and Liability

6.1 Accidents

any person who is involved in a traffic accident on Campus must, without any delay, inform Safety & Security Services .

6.2 Liability

The college is not responsible for damages caused to vehicles which are parked or are circulating on Campus, nor is it responsible for the theft of vehicles or of their contents.