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Commuting at Vanier


  • For those of you who live on the island of Montreal, the STM offers a route-finding software. Check it out to find the most efficient route from any two points on the island of Montreal. Notably, the 470 and the 485 express buses are particularly efficient ways of getting to the Cote-Vertu Metro from the West Island.
  • Vanier is a member of Opus & Cie program. If you commute by STM take advantage of our membership one month free when you commit to annual Opus Card purchases.
  • If you live out of the STM’s territory, we would be interested in hearing from you to see how we might be able to help you make the switch to transit.


  • There is now a bicycle path on Ste-Croix! Next summer it will be linked to the rest of the city’s network.  If you need encouragement or to find a route, please get in touch with Richard Dugas. A chaperone could be arranged for you to find a good route.
  • Vanier has an emergency bicycle repair kit which includes gloves and a lock you can borrow. This is kept in student services, please come to see us if you have a bicycle problem.
  • 60% of you live within 10 kilometers of Vanier. This is generally a very reasonable cycling distance and covers big parts of Pierrefonds and Laval. Look into it, you might be surprised to see just how close you are. Bicycling is cheap, clean, keeps you in great shape and is downright fun.


  • You  might be living close to someone who already drives, Vanier has a carpooling module in Omnivox, check it out!
  • If you live in Laval or the North shore, next year’s work on the highway 15 bridge might be cause you trouble; if you are interested in trying car-pooling, please come see the sustainability officer.

Vanier wants to help you find alternative ways to get to work, please let us know how we can help you find other ways to get here.

Marya Grant, sustainability officer

Ext. 7395,