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Safety & Security Services

Report a Hazard

Thank you for taking the time to report a hazard!

For hazards requiring IMMEDIATE attention, call Security at 7575.

Maintenance concern?

If the hazard entails a maintenance problem (heating, lighting, electrical safety, etc.) contact the Service Hotline at 7977 or, if you are a staff member, create an account and complete an online work order (accessible here). 


An object is blocking access to an exit or to safety equipment?

If your concern regards objects blocking access to an exit, a fire extinguisher or other safety equipment, and cannot ask the owner of the item to remove or relocate it, please contact the Service Hotline (7977).

If you believe this causes serious and immediate risk to the health and safety of individuals, please contact Security at 7575.


Fire extinguisher concern?

You have an extinguisher that is due for inspection or requires a refill? Contact Security at 7575.


Need to refill a first aid kit?

Departments are expected to check their first aid kit(s) regularly to make sure each contains everything it is supposed to. As a reference, please consult the list of the minimum contents for a first-aid kit provided by the CSST.

If your kit needs refilling, please contact Karine Petrosyan at 7110.


Hazard in your service/department?

If the hazard you wish to correct is related to activities held in your own service or department, the first person to speak to is your supervisor or coordinator. He or she is responsible for ensuring that you conduct your work safely and has the required resources to do so.

If this does not work, try speaking with a representative on the Joint Health and Safety Committee (list here) or Security at 7575.


Problems on a construction site?

You are concerned by construction or renovation taking place in your area? Contact Administrative Services (Facilities) at 8339.

Again, in case of an emergency or serious risk to the health and safety of individuals on college premises, please contact Security at 7575.


Indoor air quality issue?

Please contact Facilities at 8339, and provide as much details as possible regarding the location and the nature of the problem (stuffy, suspected mold, etc.).



Please contact the Service and Maintenance Hotline at 7977,  and provide as much details as possible regarding the location and the type of pest you have seen (wasp nest, mice, etc.).


Empty hand sanitizing station?

If you notice an empty hand sanitizer dispenser, please write to cleaning@vaniercollege.qc.ca and describe where it is located within the College. It will be refilled shortly.


Still not sure who to contact?

You are still unsure about a hazard or who you should contact? You need more information on a situation? Please contact Security (7575) or our Health & SAfety manager, Karine Petrosyan , at extension 7110.