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Safety & Security Services

Hot Work Form

Your Information
Requestor and assigned personnel
  • Vanier College Tradesperson Contractor
Location of Hot Work
Type and time of hot work
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Precautions to be taken
  1. All equipment to be used must be inspected and found to be in good repair
  2. A radius of 50 feet around the work site has been cleared of all combustible materials
  3. Combustible materials that cannot be moved outside of the safe area must be shielded
  4. Openings within 50 feet are tightly covered
  5. A fire watch has been assigned to perform constant surveillance during the work and for 60 minutes after completion of work
  6. A fire extinguisher will be brought on site before the hot work starts and will remain on site for the duration of the fire watch
  7. The area is free of explosive materials as defined in protocol concerning permissible areas
  8. Safety & Security Services must be contacted at the start of work to prevent accidental activation of fire detection system
  9. If required; arrangements will be made for the monitoring period after the fire watch
  10. The hot work permit will be posted at the entrance of the work site for the duration of the work
  11. All other requirements required by the protocol, by applicable laws and regulations will be followed
Precautions to be taken
  • By submitting the permit request, I agree to follow the Vanier College Hot Work protocol and all applicable laws and regulations.
Security Check
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