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Safety & Security Services

Agent Request

Agent Booking Policy

All requests for an agent must be made online through the “Agent Request Form” that is linked above.

All new request and rescheduling of agents already booked require a minimum notice of three (3) business days. Any agent must be booked for a minimum of four (4) hours and a maximum of twelve (12) hours.

Security Services personnel must be present in a sufficient number to be able to maintain order, prevent situation that may lead to injuries or property damage, to respond to emergencies and to take care of problematic individuals.

Request for agents that are received within the three (3) business days deadline will incur a surcharge of 100$ or the request may not be accepted. Cancellation of scheduled agent received with less than one (1) business day before the start time of the request will incur a 100$ administrative surcharge. Last minute cancellations may still have to pay minimum charges for the booked agent(s).

Effective July 1st 2015, hourly rate for a security agent will be $28.25. The hourly rate for a security agent for non-Vanier event will be $35.00. These rates will increase if the agent is required to work overtime or during a holiday.

Events that require an agent includes but not limited to:

  • An event that occurs in a building that is usually closed at that time
  • An event where crowd control is necessary
  • An event that has over 100 attendees
  • An event or situation that may present a safety hazard
  • A contractor that requires constant or repeated access to a sensitive area
  • An event which has a history of problematic situations

Events with alcohol

Starting fall 2011, Vanier College takes step to be a safe area when it comes to event with alcohol. As such, special requirements have been established to ensure responsible and safe use of alcohol on campus. These requirements put the responsibility of complying with College policies and provincial laws on the sponsor of the events and the person responsible for serving alcohol.

Special requirements for event with alcohol

  • Any event with alcohol must be registered with Security Services. This allows us to be aware of the event and take steps to ensure the safety of the participants and of the community.
  • Any events where students or persons under 18 years old may be present requires the presence of at least 1 agent
  • Any events with adults only are subject to a security presence depending on the size of the event and its history.

It is the responsibility of the event organizers to clean up after the event. Failure to do so may result in additional clean-up charges to be billed to the organizers.

While Security Services works closely with campus organization to provide a safe environment for special events, final decision regarding the level of security required rests with Security Services management.

By requesting an agent, I agree to all of the above information, rules and regulations.

Agent Request Forms