Sharon graduated from Vanier College, Respiratory & Anesthesia Technology program in 1995. She pursued a career as a staff Respiratory Therapist at several Montreal area hospitals. After several years as a staff therapist she accepted a position with a medical air ambulance firm. Six years of service with this company allowed Sharon to visit many interesting places around the world as well as develop her professional skill and competence which was necessary in order to handle difficult cases outside of a traditional hospital setting.

She returned full time to a Montreal hospital respiratory therapy department where her passion for Neonatal Respiratory care developed. She took over the role of Neonatal Resource person. She became an Instructor for the Neonatal Resuscitation Program. In the midst of this role, Sharon was hired to be a clinical instructor for Vanier College.

Currently she is teaching several program courses at the college as well as undertaking the role as interim clinical coordinator. In addition, she works at the Montreal Children’s Hospital and she will be part of this team as it makes its move to the new GLEN site.

Sharon’s passion for teaching is obvious and she receives great satisfaction when she sees students’ progress along a successful path. Knowing that she has had an influence on this progress gives her the utmost pleasure.

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