Graduating from Vanier’s RT program in 1990, Costa began practising his chosen profession at St. Mary’s and the Montreal General Hospital which allowed him to appreciate the varied approach needed to offer acute care to the adult population these hospitals serve.

Merging his passion for a multi-disciplinary approach to continued learning and critical care at the Montreal General, Costa established the role of technical coordinator of Respiratory Therapy at the Montreal General in 1997. This position launched Costa into teaching the many aspects of respiratory critical care to the hospital’s RTs, RNs, medical residents, their students and any hospital staff requesting a teaching session.

Arriving at Vanier College in 2009 as a 3rd year clinical instructor, Costa has been the clinical coordinator since 2011 and teaches four program courses at the college which give him the opportunity to convey the importance of ensuring an empathetic and safe methodology to the profession of respiratory therapy in our community.

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