The English Exit Exam (or Ministerial Examination of College English Language of Instruction and Literature), is a mandatory examination issued by the Quebec Ministry of Education. It is a compulsory exam which all students in English Cegeps must pass in order to obtain their DEC.

Eligibility and Procedures

Students who have passed the 603-101, 603-102 and 603-103 or have passed two of these courses and the third is in progress are eligible to write the English Exit Exam and will receive an Omnivox survey.
Students who are eligible to write the English Exit Exam but have not received a survey must send Rita Tomasetta a MIO indicating your student identification number, your name and a statement requesting to be registered for the Exam.

Once you complete the survey you will then be registered for the English Exit Exam. Your next step is to locate your room number using your student identification number. Please note that more information regarding room numbers will be posted on Omnivox.

The exam can be written in May, August or December.

Upcoming English Exit Exam

The next English Exit Exam will take place on:

Day Time Room Number
Wednesday, December 19, 2018 8:30 to 12:30 pm. Download

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