On Wednesday, November 15 (12:00 to 1:30pm) Gabriel Flacks, a humanities teacher from Champlain College will present a webinar on cross-campus, online collaboration.

Below is a description of from APOP’s newsletter:

This webinar will help teachers understand the benefits of integrating cross-campus online collaboration into CEGEP courses. We will explore the practical and pedagogical impacts of offering students access to synchronous vs. asynchronous activities and consider how teachers can comfortably navigate collaborative international coursework through strategies such as scaffolded curricular changes which allow dynamic course development based on student input. We will also consider some of the costs and benefits of forging broad vs. narrow cross-disciplinary collaborations.

This webinar might be especially useful for those interested in getting involved in a Virtual Team Teaching (VTT) project.

Participants can access the webinar on APOPs webinar page.

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