Turnitin is an online platform that processes all the papers your students submit, compares them against continuously updated databases and then produces an “Originality Report.” It also provides tools for giving students feedback (written and/or oral) and can generate, creating marking rubrics, and automatically analysing the spelling, grammar and mechanics in a submitted assignment.

The originality report includes a “similarity index” that indicates the percentage of material in a given paper that matches, or is very similar to, content from the web, databases, academic journals, or papers previously submitted to Turnitin.com at Vanier and other institutions. The report highlights the parts of a paper that match content from other sources. Teachers can immediately access a copy of this content, compare it to the student’s paper, then determine for themselves whether the material has been properly cited or whether it has been plagiarized.


If you are new to Turnitin and would like an introduction to the basics, you can view a video of the slide show offered at the workshop:

You can also view the slideshow online:

You can also download a PDF of the slide show.

Turnitin Service Alerts

Periodically, Turnitin sends out alerts to inform users of service interruptions. If you have a Turnitin account, you can sign up to receive service alerts at http://go.turnitin.com/status-email-alert.

Peer Support

Several teachers from the College have agreed to offer basic support in the use of Turnitin to other teachers in their departments. Please refer to the table below to identify the Turnitin Administrator for your department. If your department is not listed, or if you are experiencing problems with Turnitin, please contact Patti in the PSI Office at technoped@vanier.college.

Department Contact Email Extension
Early Childhood Education Diane Nyisztor nyisztod@ 7709
English Maria Bucaro bucarom@ 7973
French TBA
Humanities Maggie Kathwaroon kathwarm@ 7464
Liberal Arts Sevak Manjikian manjikis@ 7295
Methodology Marlene Grossman grossmam@ 7483
Modern Languages Gisela Mutter mutterg@ 7841
Psychology Marlene Grossman grossmam@ 7483
Social and Cultural Sciences Miles DeNora denoram@ 7521

Online Support

Turnitin offers a wealth of online support for instructors, whether you are using the Classic Turnitin platform or the new Feedback Studio.

To access Turnitin’s Help Centre, log in to Turnitin, and click on “Help” in the upper right menu. Once in the Centre, click on “Instructors” to view a wealth of instructional guides and videos.

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