Support of Ongoing Program Improvement is a main mission of the PSI office.

Programs at Vanier, as in the rest of the CEGEP network, follow the program approach.

Program Approach

The program approach is the notion that a program is an organic whole composed of interconnected courses from various disciplines and that students come to college to complete a program, not to take individual, unrelated courses.

Ministerial documentation on the program approach may be found here.


Vanier’s Program Management Policy is currently under review and at the consultation phase.


New procedures will be created to inform the application of the Program Management Policy. They will be added here as they are approved.

Guidelines and Templates

Guidelines and templates will also be added here as we develop them in parallel with the procedures.


Competency analysis

  • A great guide from Cégep à distance [in French] from a larger dossier on the competency-based approach in distance education.

Course comprehensive assessment

  • A presentation by a group from Cégep de Ste-Foy at AQPC 2016 on the work that they did to implement CCAs. Complete with superb tools [in French]


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