IMG_2987Vanier College is pleased to announce that Sociology and Cultural Studies teacher, Marc Belanger, was selected as the winner of the Prix PERFORMA pour la qualité de production et de l’intervention pédagogique en enseignement au collegial, volet anglophone (PERFORMA Award for the Quality of Production and Pedagogical Intervention in College Teaching) for his contribution to evolving teaching practices and pedagogical intervention in college education.

This prize is part of the University of Sherbrooke’s annual Faculty of Education’s Prix d’excellence en éducation awards ceremony held in April 2016, which highlighted the accomplishments of people in programs offered by PERFORMA. Their contribution to program development, the impact of their work in the field of education, peer recognition and the production of original teaching material are the prize’s selection criteria.

PERFORMIMG_2994A is the name of teacher training programs offered at the University of Sherbrooke and include a Masters in College Teaching, Masters Level Microprogram for Professional Integration into College Teaching and Microprogram in College Level Pedagogical Coaching.

This year, the PERFORMA Prize awarded a resource person within its programs, namely, Marc Belanger who teaches the Dynamics and Diversity in the College Classroom course. Not only is Marc an outstanding teacher, but he also distinguished himself by the excellence of his academic record at the Université de Sherbrooke where he recently graduated from the Master in College Teaching program (M.Ed.) with his thesis paper entitled The Effect of Using Online Homework Exercises on Student Achievement in a Quantitative Methods Course.

“Vanier College is proud and privileged to have dedicated teachers like Marc Belanger with a passion and deep commitment to excellence in education,” said Mr. Normand Bernier, Vanier College Director General.

Marc Belanger wins a PERFORMA Award 2016

FRMarc Belanger wins a PERFORMA Award 2016

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