Vanier College is pleased to announce that Communication, Media and Studio Arts teacher, Andréanne Abbondanza-Bergeron who recently completed her MFA in Sculpture at Concordia University, has received a Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Fellowship in Contemporary Art, one of the largest and most prestigious fellowships in Canada.

With a value of $60,500, the Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Fellowship in Contemporary Art provides recipients with recognition for their work and support in the further development of their artistic careers and their creative research. The fellowship helps covers such costs as studio space, materials, travel, and the production of an exhibition and catalogue. Every year, the Fellowships are awarded to two new graduates — one from UQAM and one from Concordia — in a master’s or PhD program in media or visual arts.

Andréanne’s large-scale installation works explore the nature of space and its relationship to the human body and social context. She describes it as “simultaneously spatial, structural, virtual and abstract.” Her works are almost architectural in nature, which may not come as a surprise since she started out studying architecture.

“I developed my approach to sculpture and installation, using it as an inquiry into social and spatial relations,” she says. “One interest of my work is to point out the disparities between inside and outside, public and private, as they highlight various forms of built and social structures of control, manipulation or power, dictating access or rejection into a specific structure or relationship. In my work, I want to blend those boundaries and the potential exchange that happens in this new space.”

The fellowship is a welcome boon to Andréanne who will have the appropriate support to pursue her next projects and exhibitions.

Andréanne has been teaching sculpture part-time at Vanier for the past four years while also pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts in Sculpture. Previously, she obtained a Masters of Arts in Art Education, and was a recipient of the 2015-2016 Yvonne L. Bombardier Graduate Scholarship in Visual Arts.

Congratulations to Andréanne Abbondanza-Bergeron.

Andréanne A. Bergeron 2017 Bronfman Fellowship recipient FINAL

Andréanne A. Bergeron 2017 Bronfman Fellowship recipient FINAL FR

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