Once again this year, Vanier College Nursing students are bringing health information to young people during the annual Nursing Health Promotion Fair. The fair will take place at Vanier on March 11 in the Student Mall.  Then it will move to a local high school, LaurenHill Academy Senior Campus in Ville St-Laurent, for the following two days, March 12 and 13. Some of the topics to be covered include STIs, addiction, risk taking, junk food and social media. 

The Health Promotion Fair, which started nine years ago, aims to initiate nursing students to nursing research and at the same time supply health education to Vanier students and Anglophone high school students who might not have access to health teaching and health promotion activities. High school students tend to avoid health professionals and are often reluctant to talk about their health concerns. Presenting information during a Health Fair event is an ideal way of reaching adolescents and exposing them to information on healthy behaviours.

The nursing students start researching their projects in the fall semester.  They chose a health promotion topic which is of interest to them and important to young people. Once the research is complete, they create poster-type presentations for the Health Promotion Fair that takes place in the winter semester.

When the Nursing students take over the Student Mall on March 11 they will give presentations, answer student questions and address their concerns. For the past three years the Health Promotion Fair has taken place during Student Services Safety Week – usually held just before students take off for the Spring Break.

Some other topics to be covered this year include:  Marijuana use, Obesity, Energy Drinks, STIs, Alcohol use, Student Stress, Smoking, Junk Food use, Cell Phone and Driving, and Body Art/Piercing.

Open to the public.

Nursing 2015 Health Promotion Fair

Nursing 2015 Health Promotion Fair FR


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