Vanier College is pleased to announce that Geography teacher, Myriam Mansour was one of the sixty teachers who received an Honourable Mention at the 2018 AQPC Symposium, which aims to recognize teachers for their commitment and contribution to quality education.

Myriam Mansour has inspired both hers students and her colleagues. Her students value her selfless personality and her efforts to “stir up” their passion for learning.  Her colleagues praise her for her wonderful spirit, her boundless energy, and her “never-stale” teaching methods in geography and methodology.

Throughout the 21 years that Myriam Mansour has taught at Vanier College, she has continually developed innovative teaching methods to encourage success among her students and promote an interest in the subjects they study. Creativity and caring have been at the heart of her teaching and the projects she has initiated or supervised.

She has also contributed to college life in countless ways. One such example that highlights Myriam’s creativity is the Vanier Community Garden, an open-air class. Thanks to her expertise and determination, urban gardening and sustainability have been integrated into the Vanier curriculum, reinforcing links between departments and influencing the way students learn and view the world.

“Vanier College is fortunate to have teachers like Myriam Mansour whose passion for teaching and generous spirit communicate so much more to her students than just the subject matter she is teaching them. She inspires them not only as a teacher, but as a person,” says John McMahon, Director General of Vanier College.

Congratulations to Myriam Mansour.

Myriam Mansour 2018 AQPC Tableau d’honneur ENG

Myriam Mansour 2018 AQPC Tableau d’honneur FR

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