Vanier College is proud to announce that Olympic synchronized swimmer, Jacqueline Simoneau, recently received a $4,000 academic excellence bursary from La Capitale Financial Group and the Quebec Foundation for Athletic Excellence.

Jacqueline received her bursary from Ms Jacinthe-Pascale Gratton, Head of Communications and Governmental Relations.

Jacqueline Simoneau placed 7th in the synchronized swimming duet of the 2016 Rio Olympics. She also won a silver Medal at the 2017 Omnium competition in Japan. Jacqueline studies Science at Vanier College, and in spite of her demanding athletic schedule, she manages to maintain an R-score of 30.376.

Jacqueline is a powerful athlete of unequalled dynamism on the international stage. Having set a goal this year of winning several medals in international competitions, she regularly works on further developing her flexibility and improving her figures. As for her long-term plans, Jacqueline aims to work in health care.

Jacqueline was among 22 student athletes who shared $80,000 of bursaries as part of the 8th edition of the bursary program of La Capitale Financial Group and the FAEQ.

At a ceremony held in late May, four types of bursaries were distributed. Ten academic excellence bursaries were awarded for outstanding academic results. Nine academic and athletic support bursaries aimed to support a balance in sport and studies. As well, one Leadership bursary was given to a student athlete who is a model for community involvement; and two university recruitment bursaries were given to encourage two high-level student athletes to pursue their athletic careers and their studies at a Quebec university.

Congratulations to Jacqueline Simoneau.

Jacqueline Simoneau La Capitale-FAEQ bursary 2017 ENG

Jacqueline Simoneau La Capitale-FAEQ bursary 2017 FR

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