Vanier College is very pleased to announce that it will receive funding of $1.5 million from the Federal Government’s Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund (SIF Funding). The funds will cover the renovation of the Animal Health Technology facilities and the renovation of Chemistry labs.

“This is excellent news for Vanier College as well as educational institutions across Quebec. The funding we received will be used to improve our existing facilities at Vanier thereby enhancing the educational experience of our students as well the training they receive. In turn this will help ensure that we continue to develop highly skilled graduates who are ready for the job market or students who are well equipped for university studies,” said John McMahon, Director General of Vanier College.

Educational institutions had been invited to apply for grants for infrastructure projects and Vanier College had two projects accepted. Total funding from federal sources will cover up to 50 % of each project’s eligible costs. The remaining costs will be paid by the college along with other partners, including the provincial government.

In total, the investment fund will support 46 cegep projects across the province. The SIF is a $2 billion initiative designed to modernize research and commercialization facilities at Canadian universities and colleges.

“Together, the renovations to Animal Health Technology facilities and our Chemistry labs coupled with the major construction that is being completed on Vanier’s new Library/Learning Commons will truly transform our campus and allow our community to benefit from innovative, state-of-the art facilities,” said John McMahon.

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