Montreal, September 21, 2012.  A year ago, the Vanier College Board of Directors signed a partnership agreement with the MRC des Laurentides to establish a Centre and offer education services to surrounding communities in the Laurentians.  Now that renovations are complete, Vanier will begin offering courses at the new Education Centre situated on the site of the historic Saint Faustin fish hatchery, now known as Parc Écotouristique Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré.

After carrying out a needs assessment survey ten months ago, Vanier College concluded it would be appropriate to offer non-credit professional development and personal interest Continuing Education courses to Laurentian communities.  As well, the Vanier College Language School will offer courses in French and English for adults and teenagers.

Career advancement and improved productivity
Nowadays, lifelong learning is a key component of career advancement and professional development.  Whether you are seeking to upgrade your skills, acquire new ones, obtain new job qualifications, or improve the productivity of your employees, Vanier College hopes that the courses it will offer at Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré will answer various needs of individuals and businesses in the Laurentians.  Many of the courses will be offered in both French and English.

Personal Interest courses
Residents of the Laurentians can now register for personal interest courses such as reading music for choral singing, reiki, yoga, or courses on living your passion, finding your way and giving a sense to your life.

Professional development
The selection of professional development courses for individuals and businesses will includes courses on intercultural conflict resolution, credential courses such as the Facility Management Professional (FMP) credential offered by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), courses in leadership and human resources courses such as the Turnaround Interview™.

Language training
The Vanier Language School will offer: English Academic Writing for Teens, English Communication Workshop for Municipal Inspectors and English Oral Communication.

Vanier College –a presence in the Laurentians
Vanier College has long been interested in finding more ways to use its expertise and infrastructure to enrich and service Laurentian communities.  The College, which already a Laurentian Field Station for its Environmental and Wildlife Management Program, hopes that its partnership with the MRC des Laurentides will allow it to offer services while helping to revitalize an important historical site in the Laurentians.

Launch of courses at St-Faustin Eng

Launch of courses at St-Faustin FR


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