So far, more than 4,700 people living in the Montreal area and distant regions of Quebec have viewed the first Vanier College Virtual Information Session streamed on Facebook Live via a cellphone on February 20, 2018. Vanier College’s Department of Communications teamed up with LEARN (Leading Education And Resource Network), an organization that supports Anglophone minorities in the further reaches of the province, to hold the event entitled Demystifying the CEGEP Experience. First, streamed on Facebook Live, the recorded session is now available for viewing on Facebook: The Virtual Information Session aimed at demystifying cegep for students who live too far away to visit the college in person and answered real-time questions from parents of Secondary 4 and 5 students who were tuned into the event.

The Virtual Information Session featured faculty and staff walking through Vanier using a Smartphone to highlight various areas of the college such as the Library and Learning Commons including the TASC and STEM Centres; Chemistry labs and the new multidisciplinary Simulation Labs for the Nursing and Respiratory and Anaesthesia Technology programs; part of the Communications, Media and Studio Arts department and the Music department where students were practicing in a studio; and Student Services. As they toured the college, Vanier employees explained services and facilities and responded to parents’ queries. Questions centered on admissions requirements, programs offered at Vanier, services for students and the Sports-Études program.

The Virtual Information Session is a spin-off of a program already in place at Vanier called the High School Outreach Program, which uses videoconference sessions to discuss an array of topics to help inform high students about the experience of attending a college in a major urban centre like Montreal. The program is run in collaboration with LEARN, a non-profit organization whose mandate is to serve the educational needs of the public and private Anglophone and Indigenous youth and adult education sectors of Quebec. Some of the high schools that participated in the virtual Open House are located in areas such as New Richmond, the Laurentians, Joliette and Val d’or.

“This Virtual Information Session went beyond our expectations and we foresee doing it again in the future,” said Marlene Grossman, the Vanier teacher responsible for the High School Outreach Program.

“This information session proved to be an extremely efficient way to reach parents of prospective students while also highlighting Vanier’s different facilities. As well, the event took place at virtually zero cost while allowing us to take advantage of Smartphone technology in the most innovative way possible. We saw concrete results showing us that there are many mediums available for educational institutions, from elementary schools to universities in terms of marketing and branding themselves,” said Darren Becker, Vanier Communications Director.

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