Vanier College is pleased to announce that two third-year Nursing students, Eleni Zimianitis and Diana Chiazzese, placed second in the international division at the 8th annual Nursing Skills Competition in Shanghai, China. This is the second time that Vanier Nursing students place in the top three winners of this international competition. In 2016, Vanier came in First Place.

Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences in cooperation with the Nursing Education Group hosted the event on November 17, 2018. This year’s theme was “Better Health, Better Life- Promoting Nursing Practice in Chronic Conditions.” In all, eleven institutions competed including institutions from China (international schools), the USA, England, Holland, Finland and other parts of Canada. A total of twenty two competitors in teams of two vied for top honours.

The competition is a nursing skills competition, which means they were tested on technical skills from positioning a patient to inserting an IV. Using actors to play the roles of various patients, the contest aims at specifically assessing the contestants’ ability to evaluate a patient’s condition, practical skills, teamwork, communication, flexibility and other clinical comprehensive nursing abilities in a realistic international hospital environment. The scenarios were typical of the kind nurses encounter on a daily basis and patient conditions included accidents, life-threatening emergencies, chronic disorders, and multiple other symptoms. They also included scenarios involving dealing with patient families and their reactions.

The students spent many hours preparing for this competition guided and trained by their Nursing teacher, Nathalie Seguin who accompanied them to China. Upon news of the win, Alena Perout, the Manager of International Education, stated, “We are proud of our nursing program and continue to support nursing projects abroad.  Congratulations to our nursing students and their teacher for this remarkable achievement.”

“Congratulations to the Nathalie Seguin, the teacher who led this team and the two students, Diana Chiazzese and Eleni Zimiantis for their hard work and enthusiasm for this event.  You are role models to the Nursing students in our program; inspiring them to follow in your footsteps.  Thank you for making Vanier Nursing proud,” said Antoinette Cocciolo, Nursing Program Coordinator.

Nursing places second at Shanghai Nursing Skills Competition 2018

Nursing places second at Shanghai Nursing Skills Competition 2018 FR


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