This summer, Vanier College is hosting two groups of visitors from China – a group of administrators and a separate group of nursing students- who have come to learn about education in Canada and at Vanier College in particular.

First, a delegation of 20 administrators from Shaanxi Energy Institute, China, which is one of 1300 public vocational colleges in China, is visiting Vanier for a 2-week training program from July 31 to Aug.11. The goal of the training is to understand Competency-based Education (CBE), which is recognized as the vocational education model in Canada. They will also learn about the administrative model at Vanier as well as its organization and administration.

A year ago, Vanier College’s Director General, John McMahon visited the Shaanxi Energy Institute and a group of Vanier teachers gave a 5-day training session there about Competency-based Education and pedagogical strategies under CBE.  Subsequently, the two colleges signed an agreement for further cooperation.

Vanier has worked on CBE and pedagogical training for Chinese teachers and administrators since 2014. In the past, Vanier delegations have presented at several vocational education conferences in China and visited some 20 vocational colleges in China. As well, three Chinese delegations have come to Vanier for the training in the past 3 years.

After a vocational summit in May, attended by both Vanier’s Director General and Academic Dean, Vanier College reached another agreement with Tianjin Municipal government in China that will send more training groups every year starting next year.

Nursing Students from China
At the same time as the administrators are looking at pedagogy and educational organization, a completely separate group of fifteen nursing students and one teacher from Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences in China is also visiting Vanier for three weeks from July 30th to August 17th.  The students and teacher will take nursing classes at Vanier to learn specifically about nursing in Canada and the Canadian approach to geriatric care. As well, they will participate in activities outside of classes to provide students with a cultural experience. The visiting students are all in their first and second year of university nursing studies.

This is the second time Chinese nursing students come to Vanier for intensive summer courses on Canadian nursing practices. The Vanier College International Continuing Education Department organized the visit, which will offer courses given not only by nursing teachers but also by sociology and psychology teachers, external teachers with clinical nursing backgrounds and professionals from First Aid Montreal.

“Continuing Education is very pleased to host this group of students from Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences (SUMHS),” said Rowena Selby, Manager of International Continuing Education.  “We hope they will enjoy the combination of intensive theory and interactive sessions offered by Vanier teachers, in addition to hospital visits and lab sessions.  Cultural experiences such as their Homestay living situations, getting to know Montreal, restaurant outings, and travel excursions to Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto and Niagara Falls, will ensure the program will be both academically and personally enriching for everyone involved.  We look forward to creating an ongoing relationship with SUMHS.”

The visit began with an orientation session on July 30th and will end with a final certificate giving session at on August 17th.

Chinese delegations at Vanier for Pedagogical training summer 2018


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