Vanier College is pleased to announce that Chemistry teacher, Jailson Farias De Lima, is one of the sixty Cegep teachers who received an Honourable Mention at the 2017 AQPC Symposium, which aims to recognize teachers for their commitment and contribution to quality education. Jailson received his award from Mme Hélène David, Minister of Higher Education, and Richard Moisan, President of the AQPC.

Jailson Farias De Lima wants his students to think “outside the box.” Specifically, he aims to break down stereotypes between the arts and the sciences by encouraging both right-brain and left-brain thinking in his students. To do this, Jailson developed a new approach to teaching science when he had to teach a history of science course to Liberal arts students who preferred art to science. The result was the Arts and Science Project in which Jailson asked his students to create a visual work that reflected something covered in the course. The success of that approach led him to incorporate such ideas into his regular science courses.

His unique approach to pedagogy has subsequently inspired both his students and his colleagues. In fact, he has shared his concepts with teachers worldwide and challenged the notion that “artists are not analytical and scientists are not creative”.

Last year, Jailson received the 2015-2016 Teaching Excellence Award, in recognition of his passion and enthusiasm for the teaching profession and for fostering excellence and innovation in teaching and learning.

Students are quick to indicate that his extensive knowledge of the world of chemistry, which he enthusiastically shares with his students, has taught them to see chemistry in a completely different way and to make connections between the different sciences.

One student best summarized it when he said, “Jailson’s passion for teaching and his crusade against a linear and unpractical kind of learning encourages students to go beyond the monotonous course material to discover the potential beauty of concepts.”

Congratulations Jailson Farias De Lima, an inspiration to students and teachers alike.

Jailson de Lima AQPC Tableau d’honneur 2017

Jailson de Lima AQPC Tableau d’honneur 2017 FR

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