When students of the 2018 graduating class of Vanier College gather at Place des Arts on June 20th to receive their graduation certificates, the student chosen to be the 2018 Valedictorian and bid farewell to the College and to Cegep studies on behalf of all graduates, is Kreztorv Patricio Fugaban, a graduate of Industrial Electronics.

Kreztorv or “Krez” as he is known by his peers impressed the selection committee with his positive attitude, humbleness and deep commitment to helping others. As he told the selection committee, “Anything is possible through hard work and passion.”

During his studies at Vanier, Kreztorv volunteered as a peer tutor in the TASC and Stem Centres. He also held the position of Communications Coordinator for the Vanier College Students’ Association and for VTV (Vanier Television). In addition, he was a member of the Key Society. Outside the college, he is a volunteer correspondent at UNTV, a Philippine broadcasting network, and volunteers at his local church in various capacities.

At the same time he was dedicating so much effort to helping others, Kreztorv also managed to achieve academic excellence by consistently earning a spot on the Dean’s Honour Roll. He also won a prestigious Loran Finalist Award this year, a very competitive scholarship across Canada designed to help students pay for university, in addition to having already won 2 other bursaries during his Vanier studies. This is no small feat, considering that when he and his family arrived in Montreal five years ago, Kreztorv spoke very little English and French.

When Kreztorv came to Vanier, he first wanted to study Pure and Applied Science because he wanted to become an engineer, but he also realized that a technical program would allow him to find work more rapidly and support his family. So, he chose Industrial Electronics and has worked part time at CAE since the beginning of January. However, Krez has discovered that he will also be able to study engineering as he originally wanted and plans to do so as soon as he has completed some prerequisite courses.

“Krez is an amazing student,” says teacher Louise Robinson.  “He has not only excelled at everything since arriving at Vanier, he is always willing to help others, whether it be students at Vanier or people in the community, particularly the Filipino community. He is hard working and truly inspiring. And on top of all that he is supporting his family.”

Congratulations to Kreztorv Patricio Fugaban the 2018 Vanier Valedictorian.

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