Vanier College Students Association invites Party Leaders to debate the proposed Québec Charter of Values

The Vanier College Students Association is inviting the leaders of all sitting parties running in the April 7th 2014 election to participate in a debate on the proposed Quebec Charter of Values.  Françoise David of Québec Solidaire has already confirmed her party will participate. “Vanier College has 6,500 students representing close to 90 nationalities and […]

Day Division full-time DCS Classes are cancelled at Vanier College today, April 3rd 2014

Please note that classes are cancelled at Vanier College today, April 3rd 2014, due to a decision by the Vanier College Students Association (VCSA) to boycott classes and peacefully demonstrate against the new Quebec history course. As a result of today’s class cancellations the semester will be extended by one day. More details will follow […]


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