Vanier Grad wins the Mavis Gallant Award at the 2010 Quebec Writers’ Federation Literary Awards

Montreal, December 2, 2010. It was a great night for Vanier College at this year’s Quebec Writers’ Federation Literary Awards, held on November 23, 2010. First, Vanier Alumnus, Andy Nulman, President, Festivals and Television, Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, hosted the event and kept things moving along with a constant stream of charming, ironic and […]

Vanier student bound for England to represent North America at the PATW international engineering competition

Although astronomers may be able to look at large areas of the sky and collect information on asteroids, comets and other celestial objects, they still don’t have the time or resources to figure out what exactly they are seeing. Leave it to 19-year old Vanier College Science student Santiago Paiva to find a solution. Santiago […]

Aiming to use his tech know-how to help people earns Vanier student a 2010 ISA scholarship

“It was a day that started off badly when I lost my lab coat, but that definitely got better when I opened my email.” That’s because when Joshua Alfaro, a second-year Vanier College Industrial Electronics student, opened his email he learned that he had been awarded a 2010 ISA (International Society of Automation) Education Foundation […]

“Teaching is a really good job,” says Jock Mackay, winner of the 2009-2010 Teaching Excellence Award. “I love when people learn because I learn myself.”

The true sign of an effective teacher is to make a positive and lasting mark on people’s lives. Without doubt, Jock Mackay, winner of the 2009-2010 Vanier College Teaching Excellence Award, has had a profound effect on his students and his colleagues during his long teaching career. In presenting Jock Mackay with this award at […]

Set to build a career: Vanier student receives a 2010 Meritas bursary from the Quebec Order of Professional Technologists

For Vanier Architectural Technology student, Bijova Milli Nath Chowdhury, it’s a great way to wrap up three years of hard work and studies and take the next step in building her career. Already a multi-scholarship winner, Bijova Milli Nath Chowdhury, can add another award to the list of her accolades: a 2010 Meritas bursary from […]

Man of vision, Edward Awad winner of the 2010 Academic Coordinator Award made the Vanier Biology Department tops in Quebec

“It takes an exceptional individual to have so immediate and positive an effect as Edward Awad has managed in the time he has been Coordinator of Biology,” states Fred Nestel, Vanier College Biology teacher. So it’s quite fitting that Edward Awad is the winner of the 2009-2010 Academic Coordinator Award. Created by Director General, Gilbert […]

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