On Tuesday, November 1st from 5:30 to 8:30 pm, Vanier College will hold a Careers and Technical Programs Showcase evening.  This mini-open house is the ideal opportunity for students interested in technical programs or those who are not yet decided to visit departments and discover the facilities and services Vanier has to offer. It’s also the perfect time for people already out-of-school to check out options for career improvement and advancement. As well, representatives of businesses are welcome to learn about Vanier’s programs that are shaping the workforce of the future and check out training opportunities for their current employees.

For people finding that university isn’t the right fit or who are having a hard time finding a job in their field, the Vanier Showcase is a place to explore other possibilities. Technical programs can add practical, hands-on experiences to a theoretical base and allow people to change careers altogether.

The Showcase will feature information on the 14 full-time DCS Technical programs as well as full time and part time ACS programs offered through Continuing Education. The Language School will also be there providing information to people who need to upgrade their English or French skills, or foreign language training for people who travel abroad as part of their job.

Tours during the Showcase evening will allow visitors to check out laboratories, the sports complex and swimming pool, playing fields, classrooms, and program departments and facilities. Experiments, recitals, and presentations will abound. Most of all, visitors can speak with students, staff, teachers and graduates to find out how exciting it is to be part of the Vanier community and lay the foundations of a career and future there.


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