Vanier College is proud to announce that Carole Gauthier from the Respiratory and Anaesthesia Technology Program was honoured recently by the AQPC (Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale) who awarded her an Honorable Mention (Mention d’honneur) from the Association at a ceremony held recently during the 36th annual AQPC Symposium.

For more than 35 years, Carole Gauthier has devoted herself to the success of students in the Respiratory and Anaesthesia Technology Program, such that she is one of the most respected and appreciated teachers at Vanier College.

Carole Gauthier’s expertise in the field of Respiratory and Anaesthesia Technology as a practicing respiratory therapist and as a teacher, her devotion to her students, her ability to find innovative teaching methods and to adapt herself to the needs of her students, and her commitment to being informed about the latest developments in her field, have made her a source of inspiration to her students and her colleagues.

Indeed, Carole Gauthier’s remarkable teaching abilities and commitment to her students have already been recognized by Vanier College through the Teaching Excellence Award she received for 2014-2015.

The AQPC Honorable Mention highlights the pedagogical commitment of the winners, the quality of their work and the passion they put into helping students learn and succeed in their studies. Although they all come from different colleges, the winners of the Honorable Mention have several things in common: they are all very competent, are appreciated by their students and their colleagues, are constantly seeking news ways of motivating and helping their students. This certainly describes the outstanding commitment Carole Gauthier has demonstrated throughout her long career at Vanier.

Congratulations to Carole Gauthier.

AQPC Mention d’honneur 2016 to Carole Gauthier ENG

AQPC mention d’honneur Carole Gauthier 2016 FR


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