Congratulations to the Vanier College Business Administration teams who made it to the podium at the 2017 Dawson College Bilingual Case Competition. The Vanier Accounting team won first place honours and the Vanier Marketing team won second place, making Vanier College the only cegep to have two teams win in Marketing and Accounting at this year’s event.

Finance Team Coach Anna Schiavi’s students drew on their finance and business knowledge to make their winning presentation. Samuel Bonspille, Liana Harutyunyan, and Vittorio Palermo, all Vanier Accounting Management Technology students, dedicated themselves during three months to prepare for the contest. “These students faced a tough challenge and through hard work and commitment they developed superb teamwork and presentation skills. They did not buckle under the pressure and were able to come up with a viable solution in three hours. This is a great business and life skill that will stay with them always,” says Anna Schiavi.

In a finance case competition, students have three hours to analyze the annual report of a company then make a presentation before a panel of judges, in which they analyze the company’s performance, project future possibilities and make recommendations to the company’s stakeholders.

The Vanier Marketing team consisting of students Cristina Laura Zambon, Tina Volpe, Alexa Valiante, and Kayla Shamshoum, coached by David Moscovitz and Peter Vogopoulos, also spent many months preparing for the Marketing section of the Dawson Case Competition.

“After a long day of competition, I am so proud of the Vanier Business Administration department that came through the competition as the true program to beat in Quebec,” said Coordinator of Vanier College Business Administration and Marketing team coach. “Ten teams from across Quebec competed in each discipline. These results are indicative of the hard work our students put into representing Vanier. Their devotion to their respective teams was simply amazing. These great results are the result of a committed group of teachers we have working in our department. It cannot be overlooked that even teachers who did not work directly with students over this last year on case competition material, nonetheless provided a presence and a devotion to students’ learning experience while at Vanier that is priceless.”

“We were the only college in Quebec that reached the podium in both Accounting and Marketing,” says David Moscovitz. “Both Vanier teams did extraordinarily well. A tribute to all of us who teach our students with such commitment and passion. We should all be proud!!”

Dawson Case Competition 2017

Dawson Case Competition 2017 FR


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