120 young musicians and singers that make up the Vanier College choirs, FACE Symphony Orchestra and Encore! Sistema students will join forces to support music education outreach.

On April 1, 2016 over one hundred and twenty young musicians from FACE School and choristers from Vanier College will converge at Église Saint – Laurent to present a symphonic extravaganza that will benefit an after-school music outreach program in Point St Charles and Kahnawake. The concert, under the direction of Vanier College’s choral director […]

Vanier’s Melodie Hicks Awarded a Prix Florence for Community Involvement

Vanier College is proud to announce that Vanier Nursing teacher Melodie Hicks has been awarded a 2016 prix Florence given by the OIIQ (Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec). Melodie received the award in the category of engagement communautaire in recognition of her community involvement and commitment through the Vanier Malawi Nursing Exchange as […]

COOP Bookstore to Open at Vanier College in August 2016

Vanier College is please to announce that starting in August 2016, the Vanier Cooperative, a member of the Fédération québécoise de cooperatives en milieux scolaires (COOPSCO), has accepted to undertake the responsibility of running the college bookstore as a student run cooperative. The Board of Directors of the Vanier Cooperative voted unanimously to approve this […]

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