Vanier College and the Vanier College Foundation are very pleased to announce that at a ceremony held on November 1st, over $15,000 in entrance scholarships provided jointly by the Foundation and the Office of the Academic Dean was awarded to the 91 top new students beginning their studies at Vanier College in the fall 2018 semester.

The scholarships are awarded annually to high school students in recognition of outstanding academic entrance qualifications. The three top scholarships went to David Cloutier in Respiratory and Anaesthesia Technology who received $500 for achieving the highest overall average coming into Vanier, Alessio Amorelli, in Pure and Applied Science Honours who received $400 for achieving the second highest overall average, and Anda Gherghita, from Health Science Honours who received $300 for the third highest average.

As well, $150 scholarships were awarded to the students having achieved the highest overall average upon entering their program (85% or above) and to students who achieved an overall average of 90% or above, regardless of their program.

“Awarding these entrance scholarships recognizes the high school success and accomplishments of new students coming to Vanier.  We wish them the best in their Cegep studies and their next two or three years here at Vanier. Cegep marks a whole new phase in their development and education and it’s a pleasure to celebrate the start of this time with these scholarships,” said John McMahon, Vanier College Director General.

The evening event also named eight of the student recipients of 2017-2018 CPMT scholarships. The purpose of the CPMT (Commission des partenaires du marché du travail) scholarships, also known as Fonds de développement et de reconnaissance des compétences de la main-d’oeuvre, is to increase the enrolment in technical programs leading to careers where an important need of skilled professionals has been identified and to encourage academic success in these programs.

Award winners and their families filled the Vanier Auditorium for the event and attended a reception afterwards.

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