The Music Department offers entrance scholarships to candidates applying to any of our 5 Music programs. These 11 scholarships (worth $1500) will be awarded to Music applicants who achieve the highest grade on their audition in their instrument or voice category.

The Music Department also offers interim and graduation scholarships in the amount of $3000.


Entrance Scholarships: Total $1550

$100 Scholarships:




Strings (Tony Romandini Scholarship)


Jazz Voice (Ranee Lee Scholarship)

Pop Voice

Quebec Band Association Scholarship Fund

Louis Contant Jazz Piano Entrance Scholarship: Vanier College Foundation

Classical Voice $300/$250: Noël Spinelli Foundation


Interim Scholarship: Total $900

Jean Sult Vocal/Choral Scholarship – Semester 3 ($100)

Denise Dubé Ear Training Scholarship- Semester 3 ($100)

J.L. Big Band Scholarship ($200) Outstanding big band member (at Big Band Benefit Semester 2)

Justin Time Jazz Scholarship ($100) Promising 1st year jazz student: Jim West (at Big Band Benefit Semester 2)

Louis Contant Drumset Interim Scholarship ($100) – Semester 3

Louis Contant Jazz Piano Interim Scholarship ($100) – Semester 3

Louis Contant Music Interim Scholarship ($200) awarded to a Financially Deserving Music Student Semester 2


Graduation Scholarships: $2200

Glenna Ferland Ear Training Scholarship ($100)

Lessy Kimmel History/Theory Scholarship ($100)

Robert F. Jones Composition Scholarship ($100)

Cy Cooper Band Concert Scholarship ($200)

Patrick Watson Jazz/Pop Scholarship Fund ($100)

Noël Spinelli Classical Voice Scholarships ($650, $350)-Noel Spinelli Foundation

Oliver Jones Jazz Scholarship ($200)

CAMMAC Scholarship ($200): CAMMAC Scholarship Fund

Nadia Turbide Scholarship ($200)






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