The Music Department of Vanier College offers a two-year pre-university program (DCS), two three-year programs in popular music and jazz (Arrangement & Composition; Performance), and a Double DCS in Science and Music, a Double DCS in Social Science and Music, and a Double DCS in Languages and Cultures and Music. A DCS in Music enables a graduating student to pursue a professional career in music, continue in the music field at the university level, or study in a variety of other academic disciplines at the university level.

There are currently 11 full-time and 30 part-time faculty. Our instrumental teachers are experienced performers who teach in Montreal universities, perform with the Montreal Symphony OrchestraOrchestre Metropolitain, and I Musici, as well as contribute to the local jazz scene. We offer individual instruction on all orchestral and jazz instruments, and practical participation in small ensembles, both classical and jazz.

A diverse and qualified faculty enables us to offer a solid core of academic courses (Theory, History, Ear Training) and an assortment of elective courses in Composition, Music Technology, Recording, Arranging, and specialized ensembles. Our teachers remain current in their fields and embrace new technologies.

Here are some of the features of our programs:

  • Lessons: 15 weeks of Private Instrument lessons per semester.
  • Small ensembles: available in most semesters.
  • Second instrument lessons.
  • Instrument lessons and ensembles are held on the premises, in our own facilities.
  • A mixture of classical and jazz courses, attracting students with many different interests and talents
  • Concerts: weekly performances by faculty and students are held Wednesdays at noon in our modern 400-seat auditorium. These concerts are video taped for the students’ benefit with some recorded by our digital recording studio, which is adjacent to the hall.
  • A concert featuring student compositions and arrangements is produced by students of the Professional program each semester.
  • Public performance opportunities at three end of semester concerts (choir, big band and stage band)
  • Public performance opportunities for members of the Big Band at the Autumn Big Band Evening (with one high school and one university big band) and the Spring Big Band Benefit concert in partnership with the JL Big Band.
  • Practice rooms, piano modules, secure instrument lockers for larger instruments.
  • A selection of instruments available to students taking second-instrument lessons other than piano.
  • Music computer lab is available to all music students.
  • Digital Recording Studio: available to students in our Music Technology courses, and Audio Recording Technology Program.

English is the language of instruction at Vanier College. As an urban cosmopolitan college, with a large percentage of English Second Language students, Vanier has many services in place to assist students who are studying in a language other than their mother tongue, or who are studying in English for the first time. Our Music Dept. faculty is bilingual, and every effort is made to help our students adapt to this environment.

In this regard, prospective students may be interested in shadowing a teacher or student in our Student for a Day program. We would also welcome the opportunity to meet with you at a mutually convenient time. If you would like more information, or would like to meet with a representative of our Department, please click here.

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