Music and song artists must demonstrate a high level of commitment and determination to achieve a successful career. They practise their art intensely in order to maintain and improve their musical knowledge. Artists must be open-minded, communicate easily, respect others, and conform to the ethics of the profession. While keeping up with market requirements and changing trends and technologies, musicians and vocalists should be in touch with other art forms and musical styles. In addition, they must know how to refresh their creative ideas, an ability that is crucial to their artistic development and personal well-being. Moreover, their rejuvenation of ideas is an indispensable trait for their artistic and personal balance.

Two Specialization Streams

The Professional Music and Song Techniques program includes two distinct specialization streams.

Stream A: Composition and Arrangement (551.AA)

Stream B: Performance (551.AB)

Aims Of The Program

The aims of the program-specific component of the Professional Music and Song Techniques program are:

  • to enable students to acquire competence in the exercise of the profession, to perform the roles and carry out the functions, tasks and activities of the profession at a level acceptable for entry into the job market.
  • to help students integrate into professional life through practical experiences that make the same demands on them as those of the real working environments in the field of music and popular song, and teach them the importance of fulfilling their responsibilities.
  • to foster students’ personal growth and continuing professional development by helping them attain greater self-understanding and awareness of their musical potential, with emphasis on attention to detail, autonomy, critical thinking, the desire to excel, openness to trends in the arts in general and popular music in particular.
  • to facilitate the future job mobility of students by enabling them to adapt to different situations and working conditions and to manage their career with discernment.

Musical Styles

The Professional Music and Song Techniques program aims to train musicians and vocalists capable of developing in various styles of popular music. These styles include mainly twentieth century music and song produced as entertainment for a mass market: rock, jazz, blues, pop, industry, ethnic, folk, world beat, etc.

Graduates Of The Program

Graduates of the Professional Music and Song Techniques program are able to adapt to various working conditions and respond to the demands of the profession. They are comfortable in different environments and with various media.

The Industry

Music and song artists are sought for their skills and distinct contributions. Therefore, it is important that they respond suitably to the needs and expectations of the labour market. Musicians new to the job market work independently and are often isolated and must adapt to an environment with a number of specific and often constraining rules. By being well prepared, they are in a position to make enlightened decisions concerning their career advancement. Those who have acquired management skills can decide on the best strategies for managing their careers well and choosing work partners prudently.

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