Check out some recent student projects in Print Design and Web Development

Web Work

Social Media Project

Integrating social media into existing websites is a great way to both keep a site current with updates as well as benefit from the synergies provided by social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Check out some of the work from 3rd-year students who incorporated various APIs to enhance web pages.

Social Media Integration using Instagram API

E-Commerce Sites

Second-year students were introduced to a variety of technologies to produce e-commerce sites, mySQL / PHP, AJAX, JSON, localStorage and modals (to name a few).

You can look, but you can’t actually buy anything from these sites.

Canadian Eh-pparel, an online store

Print Work

First-year students created album covers with Photoshop and Illustrator

Album covers displayed in our resource area.

Photoshop Album Covers (1st-year students)

Six-Word Stories: a creative exercise.

Posters promoting famous graphic designers.

Website Feedback