Web Development

Web Development

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Highly motivated students & faculty

Highly motivated students & faculty

Professional Portfolio Project

Professional Portfolio Project

In OST: Micromedia we focus on three areas:


We’ll work on effective communication in English & “français”, written & oral.
Special attention will be given to digital communications, social media and business communications.

Learn to create and design the kind of documents businesses use daily:

  • forms & reports
  • training manuals
  • internal publications

Graphic Design

Working with Adobe Creative Suite software such as Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign, we’ll explore a variety of design principles for a number of media over a range of document types.

Master industry-standard tools such as Adobe’s

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign

Web Development

We’ll discover the triumverate of front-end design: HTML5, CSS3 & javascript. And we’ll delve into a bit of back-end development using php and mySQL.

Create web sites, mobile apps, online games and more using

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • javascript

Make dynamic, data-base driven applications using mySQL, PHP and noSQL databases such as Google’s Firestore and AWS’ Dynamo DB.

Seminars and Presentations

Ubisoft Audio Team Lead

Felix, from Ubisoft’s Studio Alice presented a seminar to Micromedia students on recording and post production.

Felix from Ubisoft: November 2018

Specifically Felix showed students how to improve their setups for recording sound, especially dialogue. Then he shared how to process audio recordings to improve the quality and impact.

Marius: Creative Coding and Generative Design

Marius, an exchange student here from France welcomed us to the world of creative coding and generative design.

Marius: Creative Coding and Generative Design Seminar

Students from all three years attended the session during Universal Break and were treated to a variety of beautifully, impressive dynamic designs.

We learned about the leaders in the field, the technologies they use and how to get started ourselves.

Check out Marius’ portfolio for yourself.

Or join us by getting started with processing.org and it’s web version p5*js.

OST: Micromedia Grad Portfolios 2018

Check out some of our student portfolios

These are Adobe Acrobat (PDF) versions of their print portfolios.
(will open a new tab in your browser)


Guidance Counsellors

Read more about OST: Micromedia in the Vanier Prospectus 2018-19.

See the OST: Micromedia Presentation (2mb PDF) (note that I have deleted the portfolio pages in order to reduce the size. You can access full portfolios below.

Read a couple of our students’ stories from our Student Yearbook (3mb PDF)

Student for a day. Contact us at taylorj@vaniercollege.qc.ca to make an appointment as a group or an individual.

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