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Personal Computer (PCs) Use

  1. All registered Vanier students who are library users and who do not have outstanding fines or liabilities of $10.00 or more, may borrow a computer.
  2. All users are required to have a valid Vanier I.D. card in order to borrow a computer.
  3. The Library computers are reserved for research purposes only and any information entered on the computer may be recorded or monitored for security reasons.
  4. Users must log on with their user name and password in order to use a computer. The users’ time limit will appear on screen. Users will be logged off automatically when their time limit is reached.
  5. Time limits may be extended by staff members if no one else is waiting to use a computer.
  6. Computer users may not alter configurations on the hard drives, nor in any way endanger the proper functioning of the computers and the network.
  7. Computer users may not download or upload any software or data onto the computers.
  8. The Copyright Act of Canada must be respected.
  9. No game playing, consumption of food, instant messaging or chat room activities will be tolerated.
  10. Students will lose their privilege to borrow Vanier College Library computers if caught eating or drinking near a computer (from two weeks to an entire semester).
  11. All computers are Deep Frozen. After being turned off or reset, the computer does not retain any data that may be saved on the computer.
  12. The Library is not responsible for students’ files that may become lost or corrupted during their usage of the computers.
  13. Computer users must save their files on a USB drive or CD in case of power outages, the computer being reset or turned off.
  14. The Faculty computer will require a User Name and Password to be accessed.

Questions, Comments or Complaints:

Questions, comments or complaints about this policy or its application should be addressed to the Public Services Librarian

Telephone: 514-744-7500 local 8222
Email: library@vaniercollege.qc.ca

The above regulations can be downloaded in PDF form here.