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Overdue Fees

Books (excluding Reserves):
50 cents a day, maximum $10.00 an item.

Reserve Material:
2-hour reserve book is 0.50 an hour, maximum $20.00 an item (illegal removal from the library of a 2-hour book $25.00).
24-hour reserve book is $1.00 an hour, 3-day book is $5.00 a day, and 7-day book is $2.00 a day. Maximum $20.00 an item.

$1 per day, maximum $20.00 an item.

$1 an hour, maximum $20.00 an item.

Audio Visual Equipment:
$1.00 per hour an item, maximum $20.00 per item.

Unauthorized removal of “library use only” material:
$25.00 an item, plus accumulated hourly fines.

Unauthorized loan period:
ie., (2 hr loan taken overnight) $25.00.

Failure to return recalled material within 48 hours : $25.00 a recall.

Vandalized or damaged materials:
$25.00 an item; replacement costs; possibility of disciplinary action.

Lost or replacement material:
cost of item plus $10.00 processing charge and $5.00 billing charge.

The above regulations can be downloaded in PDF form here.