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Student success depends on having a quiet library environment in which students can concentrate and study. Following are Vanier College library regulations involving noise.


  • F300 includes the entrance to the library, the tables across from the Services Desk, and the mezzanine. Loud conversations are also not allowed on the stairway because it is open to the entire library.
  • F400: Librarians and technicians assist students with research and need to hold conversations.


  • F400 (No talking; no groups; no pairs). Absolutely no conversations are allowed. Anyone caught talking will be required to move to another space in the library. Students have asked for this space. Please respect their need for silence.


  • F500 is a group study area. Students must be studying or will be required to go to another space in the library or college. There are very few places to study so this rule is very important.
    Any excessive, loud conversations and/or disruptions to other students’ studies will be grounds for action. If necessary, Library staff members have the right to request a student’s ID and will place a note in the library system stating the date and time, as well as the violation in the student’s record. Repetitive disruptions will involve a meeting with the college’s discipline officer. As a result, library use of certain spaces may be revoked for an entire semester.
  • F300 Services Desk staff members hold normal conversations with teachers, students and other staff members in this area.


Cell phone conversations are not allowed in the library space, including the stairway, washrooms, study rooms and conversation areas. Please respect other students’ need to concentrate.


Library staff members reserve the right:

  • To ask someone to lower their voice.
  • To ask someone to move to another library space.
  • To ask for a valid ID, which must be carried at all times.
  • To ask someone to leave the library.
  • To call security and have the person removed from the library. An ID will be required and recorded. A note will be placed on the student’s record if they attend classes. Non-students will be removed from the campus.
  • To suspend some library privileges.
  • To report the incident to Student Services, resulting in long-term repercussions.