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Laptop Computers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is eligible to borrow a Vanier Library laptop?

Only current Vanier students, staff and teachers whose Library accounts are in good standing may borrow a laptop. A valid Vanier ID card is required

Where do I go to check out a laptop?

Vanier Library Circulation Desk on the 3rd floor, F 300 (Telephone: 514-744-7500 X7539)

Where can the laptops be used?

The laptop MUST STAY in the Vanier Library, but may be used on any of the three floors of the Library.

What software is on the laptop?

Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer are installed on every laptop. Do not add, delete, or change any programs, applications, files, screen savers, or bookmarks. Please see Vanier College’s I.T. Usage Policy.

How long can I use the laptop?

Laptops may be checked out for a maximum of two hours and are available on a first come first served basis. The laptops have only about 2 hours of battery power so if you are working on a document, you will need to save to your external drive frequently. Please be aware that the power may go off at any time. The same laptop may be renewed for an additional 2 hours if no one is waiting and other computers are available, and another laptop may be checked out for the same reason.

What hours are the laptops available?

Laptops are available whenever the Library is open, but must be returned to the Circulation Desk one half hour before closing regardless of checkout time. Please check the Library’s hours at: http://www.vaniercollege.qc.ca/vc-library/hours.html. Failure to return the laptop by the deadline will be considered a loss by Vanier College and the borrower will be charged a replacement fee of $2,000.00, and will lose the privilege to check out laptops.

What responsibilities do I have for a laptop?

Laptops must not be left unattended at any time. Vanier Library staff observing an unattended laptop will take it to the Circulation Desk.

If there is an emergency evacuation of the building, carry the laptop with you outside and search for a Library staff member. You are responsible for the laptop.

You must immediately report any loss or damage to the Circulation Desk staff. You could be charged up to the full replacement cost ($2000.00) if a laptop charged out to you is stolen, lost or damaged. A hold could be placed on your Vanier student account (preventing future registration or issuing of transcripts) until arrangements are made to pay the replacement cost.

Can I book a laptop in advance?

Advance bookings/holds for laptops will not be accepted.

Are there power outlets available in the Library for using the laptop?

Yes, there are electrical outlets throughout the Library. Please do not unplug library equipment to plug in the laptop.

Can I use the laptop on battery power?

Yes, but check the battery level by clicking on the battery icon (bottom right of the screen) which indicates the remaining battery life.

Can I print from the laptop?

Yes, but it is recommended to send your document to your email or save it on an external device (ie.USB, flash drive, etc.). To print, send to the release station, or open your external device or email document at the Express Print Station, both located in F300 near the Library entrance.

How may I save documents?

All data will be removed from the laptops after each use. You will lose your work unless you save to an external drive (flash drive, thumb drive, USB drive). You may send documents to your e-mail account if that is easier for you to do.

What is the chance that my flash drive will get a virus from the laptop?

Vanier College uses updated virus checkers, but we will not be held responsible if a virus is transferred to your external drive.

May I eat food or drink beverages while using the laptops?

No. In accordance with the Vanier College Library Food Regulations, you may not eat or drink while using any of our computers.

What else should I know?

You must comply with all Vanier College Policies and Regulations.

The above regulations can be downloaded in PDF form here.