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Food and Drink

The purpose of this regulation is to ensure the protection and preservation of Library material, equipment, and furnishings, to prevent infestation of bugs, mice and other pests, as well as to provide a comfortable and appealing environment to all Library users.


  • Drinks that are in spill-proof containers

Not Acceptable:

  • Open drink containers
  • Food
  • Any food and drinks at computer workstations
  • Food or drinks when using a laptop

Please Note:

College Security and/or Library staff will respond to complaints from others regarding disruptive food consumption.

Library staff reserves the right to:

  • Ask the student to leave the Library
  • Ask for the student’s ID card, which must be carried at all times
  • Report behavior to student services
  • Call Security and have the student removed from the Library
  • Suspend Library privileges

Please be Considerate:

We encourage you to help us monitor this regulation. Be considerate of others and clean up after yourself. Please deposit recyclable beverage containers into the nearest recycling bin.

The above regulations can be downloaded in PDF form here.