International Education at Vanier College wishes to foster in its students a passion for global perspectives and provide the skills to enable them to work in an ever-changing international community. Our values include respect for human rights and cultural diversity, civic responsibility, cooperation, and sustainability. We underline the need for global interconnectedness.


International or non-Vanier students

Staff and Faculty

We also offer extensive resources for those who wish to learn more about international issues, or who want to get involved in international trips and projects. View our procedures page for more information about organizing trips.

Our objectives include:

  • encouraging student, staff, and faculty mobility for professional or academic reasons
  • providing students, staff, and faculty with opportunities for involvement in international cooperation and training projects
  • integrating an international and intercultural dimension into programs of studies and into the activities of the students
  • involving students in public engagement projects concerning international issues where they become aware of issues, gain greater understanding, and take on informed action
  • welcoming international students to the College and its programs

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